Here you will find information about the use of legal cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Basics

Disclaimer: The information contained on this webpage should be used as a guide, and should not be considered medical or legal advice. Furthermore, this document is only to be used by patients who are prescribed medical cannabis at a CQS Clinic.

What is Medical Cannabis?

Medical Cannabis is cannabis that is consumed for medical purposes, by a registered medical cannabis patient, who is prescribed medical cannabis by an authorized HealthCare Practitioner.

Medical Cannabis can be the dried plant matter, flowers/buds of the cannabis plant, a cannabis oil, capsule or variety of other approved medical cannabis products, produced by a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer.

There are two main components in the cannabis plant, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which both belong to a class of compounds called cannabinoids. Other cannabinoids exist, but less is known about the effects of these compounds.

CBD has neuroprotective, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to relieve pain but does not make people feel “high”. Many people report great relief from strains of medical cannabis that are rich in CBD.

THC also has some pain-relieving effects and believed to cause the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Patients often report that strains containing levels of THC also help with sleep, depression, PTSD and pain.

Will Medical Cannabis Make me High?

You do not need to ‘get high’ to benefit from medical cannabis. Cannabis contains two main compounds – CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the compound that creates that ‘high’ or euphoria effect and CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning there is no ‘high’ obtained from it. Both compounds are medically beneficial and used often in combination with each other for best effect.

With that said, many patients choose to use strains that are very low in the compound THC, and rich in the compound CBD during the day, in order to manage their symptoms, without feeling ‘high’. Based on your needs, we will help you create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your concerns and treatment goals to ensure maximum benefit.

Can I Get a Medical Cannabis Prescription Without a Doctor’s Referral?

If you’re unable to get your family doctor to fill out our referral form, please bring any medical records (i.e., MRI’s, consultation notes etc) to verify your condition. A list of current or previously tried medication is also acceptable (a print out from the pharmacy is preferred).

Consumption methods

Medical cannabis patients have 3 main options for administering their medicine:

  1. Dried Cannabis: which should be vaporized and inhaled
  2. Edible Cannabis Oils: which are placed under the tongue then swallowed
  3. Cannabis Oil Capsules: which are swallowed like a regular pill

Each method can affect the body differently and a CQS patient educator will work with you to choose a method, or combination of methods best for you and your condition.

You do not want to smoke your medication?

Health Canada and CQS recommend that medical cannabis be administered by vaporization. Research has shown that vaporization can be up to 80% more effective than smoking, which means that with vaporization you are able to use less medication for the same effect, then if you smoked it. Additionally, vaporization produces approximately 95% fewer carcinogens and is less likely to irritate the upper airway, versus smoking cannabis.

It is important to remember that smoking cannabis, just as smoking anything else, is carcinogenic. It is not healthy for you to consume anything by the process of smoking. The use of pipes, bongs or other methods that require burning the cannabis are just as unhealthy as smoking cannabis cigarettes.

Many recreational users of cannabis choose to produce edible products out of cannabis. Under the medical cannabis regulations, it is not permitted to produce other products using the medicine, including baked goods, oils or “budder”. More importantly, cannabis has unpredictable effects on people when consumed in this manner, making it potentially unsafe and unreliable as a treatment.



How much does a consultation cost?

The basic cost for a prescription is $ 250. The cost may vary depending on the condition and needs of the patient.

Medical Cannabis

How does medical marijuana work?

When heated, marijuana releases THC and CBD. It is thought that when these compounds enter the body, they prevent the brain from understanding nerve signals from the site of pain.

Legal questions

Why stay on the medical side of cannabis?

Medical cannabis is not a unique treatment. This requires working with a qualified health professional and his team to ensure maximum success and relief. This type of treatment is not available at retail stores. If you are a patient with medical cannabis, it is always advisable to have the advice, support and ongoing supervision of a doctor and a clinic specializing in cannabis. For more information on why you want to keep your medical cannabis prescription after legalization, please visit our blog here.

Cannabis strains

About cannabis strains

Cannabis can be confusing for a novice user because there are hundreds of strains available in the recreational and medical market. Each strain contains a unique profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that act in unison to produce the effects felt by users. It takes time to determine which strain and terpene profile best suits individual needs, as well as to determine the appropriate dosage for each strain.

There are three basic classes of cannabis: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Each class produces distinct effects, even if these effects differ from one strain to another.

It may take months, if not years, for medical cannabis users to determine which cannabis strain (s) best meet their needs, so do not give up! It is also advisable to work with a CQS consultant who can provide more information on terpenes and flavinoids, as well as recommendations on different cannabis products. The consultants will also help individuals to establish a dosing schedule and a treatment plan.

The CQS Cannabis Clinic has an experienced team and consultants who help cannabis users get the most out of their medications.

You have more questions? We are here to help you!